Best Restaurants For Local Food At Local Prices

by Jackie


I was wondering if you could direct me to a couple of restaurants in the city that have really good local food, but at local prices, not tourist prices.

Food is really part of my holiday, so keen to have an insider tip.

Best Wishes,


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eating in prague
by: roxana

hi, i am planning a trip to Prague for the first time, and i am wondering how much do you have to budget for a day of meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. i am a budget traveller but i love to go to where locals do and taste the very local cuisines. can you help?


Hi Roxana,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Of course it depends on your personal preferences and budget, but you might consider this basic idea...

Let's say, you can get a decent meal in a Prague restaurant for about 200 CZK (Czech crowns) - that's food and drink.

Some places you can eat for less and some will be more - all depending on your tastes in restaurants.

By the way, I'm thinking more about lunch and dinner for this example.

Many people eat lighter breakfasts so you can certainly get something for about 100 CZK for breakfast.

So that would be 500 CZK/day. This works out to be about $25, 18 EUR or 14 GBP.

Now, some people might think this is too cheap and some will think just the opposite. It's just an idea!

If you have more to spend, then no worries! If you have less to spend, then you might need to look a bit harder for that right restaurant, but it's completely possible.

Not every restaurant will fit this formula but it's a good starting point.

No matter your budget you'll be able to eat in Prague ;-)

All the best,


Cheap Restaurants in Prague
by: Martina,

Hello Jackie,

Great question, thanks for asking. In general, Prague restaurants have relatively low prices if you consider the city's wide appeal and popularity to other European capitals. So, you don't have to go out of the tourist areas to get non-tourist prices.

Here are a few recommendations for restaurants in Prague by location.

Let's start on the west side of the city near Strahov Monastery. The monastery's brewery has a classic restaurant with traditional Czech meals that won't break the bank. After a meal we suggest taking a stroll through Petrin park for inspiring views of the city. Restaurant Klasterni Pivovar, address: Strahovské nádvoří 301.

Next, we head downhill to U Zavě?nýho Kafe just below Prague Castle. This little spot has been a favorite of ours for years and it seems that most tourists miss this place as they head up or down from the castle. Prices are reasonable considering their large tasty portions and location. U Zavě?nýho Kafe, Uvoz 6.

In Mala Strana it gets a bit difficult to find good prices, but you might try U Glaubicu. It's just around the corner from the beautiful St. Nicholas Church and not far from Charles Bridge. Classic Czech meals, good beer and cozy environment. U Glaubicu, Malostranské náměstí 5.

On the other side of the river, get away from the crowds of Old Town and try either of these local pub/restaurants for an authentic experience. U Pinkasu, Jungmannovo nám. 16 and U Balbinu at Jungmannovo 22.

Hope these are helpful!

All the best,


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