Guide To Prague Attractions

These main Prague attractions are the key points to the city. Consider them to be sort of a Top 10 list of the main Prague sights and interesting places to see.

prague castle main entrance

These are of the MUST SEE variety. Of course there are countless other sights, but these are the main tourist attractions.

Below you'll find brief notes on each attraction, some sightseeing tips and our Prague attractions map. Remember though... the key to Prague is to explore. Don't let any list of "main" attractions stop you from getting off the beaten path.

Main Prague Attractions

These first five attractions are the most popular destinations. Thankfully, they seemingly connect to each other in Prague's city center. If you get a grasp of where these are, then you'll have a clear blueprint to the city.

Prague Castle is the absolute crown of the city. It's the seat of the Czech government and the largest functioning castle in the world.

You can easily spend a day here without even going into a single building. Read more.

Charles Bridge is unforgettable. It's full of legends, statues and endless photo ops. The bridge literally forms a beautiful bond between Lesser Town and Old Town.

And it feels like the very heart of the city with the Vltava River flowing underneath. Read more.

Old Town (Staré Město) is considered by many to be the absolute center of Prague.

The highlight is the main square which is one of the largest open public spaces in Europe. Read more.

Wenceslas Square is the commercial hub of the city. It boasts a variety of shops, restaurants, clubs and hotels.

The square itself is an integral part of Prague's history. It has been the scene of protests and public gatherings for years, especially for the anti-communist rallies of 1989. Read more.

The Jewish Quarter, or Josefov, is an incredibly interesting area. It's a small version of the former Jewish Ghetto that was mostly destroyed in the 19th century. Today the area is highlighted by a plethora of museums and the breathtaking old cemetery. Read more.

Prague's astronomical clock is one of the most mesmerizing attractions. Its powerful details are nothing short of awesome. Come see this 14th century wonder. Read more.

prague astronomical clock

The Strahov Monastery is a beautiful place which often gets overlooked. It dates from the 12th century and can be paired with a visit to the castle.

I recommend a visit to see the library and for the views of the city. Wonderful! Read more.

strahov monastery prague

Vyšehrad Castle is a fabulous destination just outside the buzz of tourist-zone. Take an afternoon or even a couple of hours to see this other side of without regret.

Vyšehrad is an expansive fortress with peaceful views, a touch of nature and a slew of other sights. Read more.

vysehrad castle

The Loreta is another great place to combine with the castle.

This Catholic pilgrimage site is a fine collection of baroque buildings and legend. Read more.

prague loreta church

Malá Strana - is known as Lesser Town. But it might be the most charming part of the city.

It's not a typical attraction, but the streets and buildings are definitely worth exploring. This area is also less touristy than Old Town. Read more.

For a more comprehensive look at Prague, try our fat list of 50 tourist attractions. You may want to add an extra day to your trip. Like, right now!

More Prague Attractions

Obecní Dum (Municipal House) is a dazzling building from the early 20th century. Its design was the collaboration of a number of artists including Alfons Mucha.

The building is an eyeful, so be sure to at least walk by. Read more.

Letná Park is the perfect alternative to tourist attractions. Always less crowded and home to some of the best views in Prague.

And, it's beer garden is awesome. Read more

Kampa Island is easy to find, and easy to love. Very close to Charles Bridge and less crowded.

It's one of my favorite spots to hang out, picnic or just wander around. 

The Infant Jesus of Prague is a small statuette housed in a church not far from Charles Bridge in Malá Strana.

This little figure is the origin of yet another legend and apparently has miraculous powers. Read more.

Petřin is the city's largest park. Its little Eiffel Tower offers spectacular views, but there's more.

The park includes a mirror maze, rose garden, playgrounds, restaurants and a funicular. Read more.

When the weather isn't cooperating, don't miss a chance to visit some of these museums in Prague.

And, when it is... get to the zoo or visit any of these incredible parks.

Map of Attractions

This is our map of some of the main attractions in Prague. Most are walking distance from each other. Most people consider this to be the "city center."

So, if your hotel or apartment is in this picture then you will feel very central. Of course, this map only highlights a few of Prague's attractions - just the tip of the iceberg!

How much time do you need?

If you don't have much time, it's possible to see most Prague attractions in one or two days. But, you will feel stressed with such a short stay.

We generally suggest visiting Prague for at least 3 or 4 days. Most people we've talked to tend to think 4 days is ideal and of course, 5 is even better.

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