Letna Park
Prague's local destination for beer, views and more

Letna Park might be one of the most underrated attractions in Prague. How is that possible?

It's visible from many points by the river. A large expansive park hugging the river bank. But, still, it remains undiscovered by most tourists.

Vltave river viewJust one of the views from Letna

How can such a gorgeous park be so overlooked?

Maybe people are scared by its hillside. Or, they think it's "just another park."

Either way, their oversight is our gain. Less tourists and fabulous views make Letna Park one of my favorite, go-to attractions in Prague - especially in warmer months.

Beautiful city views. OMG!

Let's start with the views... Letna sits perched high above the Vltava River just across from Old Town. So there is a full panoramic view of the city from here, including a wonderful scene of the river and various bridges.

The views are instantly satisfying. Seriously. You won't be disappointed.

Even if you spend 10 minutes here, this perspective of the city will make it worth the effort it takes to get here.

Prague metronomePrague's giant metronome

Just your everyday GIANT metronome

In 1955 an enormous statue of Joseph Stalin was erected in Letna park. By 1962 it was torn down after a movement against the Soviet leader.

Soon after the fall of Communism, this functioning metronome was placed here in 1991.

Today the metronome keeps tempo along side an unofficial skate park. And the whole area has become a great summer hangout. Recently a small cafe opened downstairs below the metronome and there have been rumors of a revitalization plan - stay tuned.

Meet me in Letna Park for a beer

The beer garden in Letna is a thing of beauty. Even if you don't drink.

It's the perfect place to sit with friends, have a beverage and just let the time pass. I can't think of any other outdoor spot in Prague that compares to the energy here. The relaxed atmosphere and the grand vistas make for a sweet combination.

The beer garden is usually open only in warmer months, May - September. Mon-Fri 16:00 to 23:00 and 12:00 to 23:00 weekends.

The garden is shaded by big trees and has loads of wooden tables. And a few tables sit next to a railing with the best views. This is a place of community, so feel free to share a table as needed.

And in typical Czech fashion, bicyclists will stop their ride and have a drink. It's all part of the exercise routine.

Places like this are also kid-friendly. So don't feel awkward if your kids tag along. There's even a small playground for the children.

Letna beer garden tables

Oh wait, there's more!

The park itself is more than the beer garden and metronome. There are large playing fields, children's playgrounds and snack bar.

It's also home to the Letna Chateau - a restaurant and event space near the beer garden. It's the perfect place for a wedding reception or business event.

Another popular lookout point is near the Hanavský Pavilion. It's a very nice place for a coffee or even a meal, although the meal reviews I've read seem to be mixed.

Just opposite of Letna on the north side is Generali Arena, the home to Prague's Sparta football team.

Getting there

Since the park is so big there are many ways to get there. I like to walk from Chotkovy sady tram stop. The park entrance is just opposite of the stop. From here you can quickly get to Hanavský Pavilion then walk next to the metronome and farther to the beer garden.

Or, take the tram to the stop Sparta and the park is just across the street.

You can also walk to the park from the metro station Hradčanská.

For a longer adventure, start your walk from the castle's Royal Gardens near the north entrance. Walk through the gardens to the east away from the castle. You will eventually come to the beautiful Queen Anne's Summer Palace.

Walk around the palace and continue in the same direction. At the far end of the wooded area you should cross over the sidewalk bridge. And keep walking straight into Letna.

View of Vltava RiverHanging out at the metronome.