Free Things to Do in Prague

We love free things to do in Prague just like you. So, here are some of our favorite things to see and do for free.

These include sights, destinations, and general stuff you might otherwise overlook.

Free things to do in Prague

Please note... we've listed these by area or general attraction so you can plan your days accordingly.

Around the Castle...

1. Changing of castle guards - the guards by the gates change on the hour, but the best moment is 12:00 daily at the first courtyard which includes fanfare and flag ceremony (see video).

2. Golden Lane - you can skip buying a ticket to the castle and see this beautiful lane for free in the evening (Nov-Mar after 16:00; Apr-Oct, after 17:00)

3. St Vitus Cathedral - entering is free and enough to get a feel for this amazing place. A ticket gives you full access.

4. Lobkowicz Palace - always rated as one of the top things to do in Prague, visit for free the first Wednesday of the month, 16:00-18:00.

5. Černín Palace Gardens - closed to the public until 2014, this quiet English garden is really worth a visit. Combine it with a visit to Loreta, New World Street and other sights.

In Malá Strana...

Free concert in Wallenstein GardenFree concert in Wallenstein Garden

6. Wallenstein Garden - one of our favorite places in all of Prague.  Peacocks, owls, free concerts... (open only Apr-Oct)

7. Infant of Prague, church and museum - for some this is a holy pilgrimage site, and for others it's simply interesting or simply odd.

8. Nikon Photo Gallery - a fantastic little gallery near the funicular.

9. John Lennon Wall - ok, this is a gimme! But people still ask us if it's free. So, um, yes it's a wall outside — it's also an iconic Prague site with significant symbolism.

10. Czech Museum of Music - free entrance the first Thursday of the month (14:00-18:00).

11. American Center of the US Embassy - free movie screening every Tuesday at 18:00.

12. Narrowest street in Prague - super narrow and one-way. Either you'll think it's cool or nothing special - same with the urinating statues around the corner ;-)

In Old Town...

13. Free Tours - very good city tours with guides paid by tips only, so it's up to you how "free" you want the tour to be. Reviews and info.

14. Old Town Tower: Hall of Architects - unique exhibitions covering a range of architecture and city based themes.

15. Astronomical clock - you must visit Prague's famous clock at the top of the hour for its show. It's must see!

16. Czech Republic Visitor Centre - the friendly staff will answer all your questions and there are loads of free brochures, maps and information about Czech Republic.

17. Jewish Cemetery - it's a must-see attraction. But if time is short you can a peek through the door on the back side to get an impression of this unique place. Yes, that's cheeky, but free.

18. Church of Our Lady Before Tyn - this is the incredible church on Old Town Square with black spires. Free to enter (or 1 EUR suggested voluntary fee).

19. Globe Bookstore - free movie night! They've got a great collection of books and cheap events too. Check out their calendar.

20. Kino Evropský Dum - free movie night, every 2nd Wednesday, 19:00.

21. Galerie Lapidarium - this is the kind of cool historical place you find by getting off the beaten path - but it's still just a stone's throw from Old Town Square.

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Beautiful entrance to Vysehrad castleEntrance gate at Vyšehrad Castle

Reward Yourself by Going Local!

This group of free things to do in Prague is outside of the typical tourist zone. This means you'll be enriched by local sights and a different vibe. Yeah!

22. Vyšehrad - is it a castle or fortress? Either way it's a fantastic place - very relaxing and highly recommended. Read more.

23. Botanical Gardens - Charles University has a lovely garden in Prague 2. It's free to enter the gardens and there's a small fee for greenhouses.

24. Cemeteries in Žižkov - walking a cemetery may be creepy to some, but there are a few in Prague that are beautiful and interesting. There are 3 in this cool Žižkov that we recommend (see map).

See something out of date? Are these things to do in Prague no longer free? Please let us know!

25. Hunt Kastner Gallery - cool contemporary art also in Žižkov (see map).

26. Nová Galerie - variety of fine art exhibitions. Take the effort to find the gallery and then wander around for a meal or stroll in the park.

Your Prague Map to Free Stuff!

What About Museums?

Good question!

The answer is yes, many museums in Prague have free admission times.

But, there is no universal day or time when museums are free. It's best to contact individual museums and galleries to ask about their schedule.

We know it's not the best answer! At least the National Gallery has some good information.

Free Things to Do in Prague...
Honorable Mentions

There are loads of other things to see and do. These sights are also worth mentioning...

  • metronome - free to get up close to this giant contraption and the view from here is awesome
  • parks + gardens - there are too many to mention but we love the castle's Stag Moat, Kampa and Střelecký Island
  • riverbanks are perfect for walking
  • farmer's markets are booming these days in Prague
  • churches galore!

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