Prague's fantastic Petrin park

Petrin is more than just a park. It's a full destination. A place that calls to locals and tourists to discover its greenery, views, and beauty.

It's a place to be amazed by Prague from a different point of view.

You must ride the funicular!

Petrin is one of my family's favorite places for a picnic. To sit in the orchard with a view of Prague is simply wonderful.

But, this hillside above the city is also a place to hike, sightsee and explore... you could easily spend hours here.

And, if you enjoy taking photos, then it's a perfect destination. Your pictures of Prague will be like postcards :-)

That bench is waiting for you.

What to See and Do in Petrin?

There are plenty of trails here for wandering, an old-school snack bar with great views and a restaurant with outdoor terrace. And don't forget a funicular!

Prague's little Eiffel Tower

Here is a short list of things to see and do in Petrin:

Climb the Lookout Tower this Eiffel Tower replica was built in 1891 and offers breathtaking views. Highly recommended if you don't mind heights. Hours and fees

• Visit the House of Mirrors just below the Lookout Tower this fun place is a nice break for children and parents alike. It's not very big and can get crowded, but I think it's worth the small entrance fee for some good laughs.

• Visit Stefanik Observatory — this small observatory has a couple of big telescopes and a small exhibition inside. You can see sunspots during the day and various things at night.

• Ride the funicular — take this fun ride to the top. It makes one stop at a cafe and uses normal public transport tickets. It will save you from walking up (or down) the hill and offers great views. Especially fun for children. To avoid the crowds, take a romantic ride at night.

• Stop and smell the roses — the rose garden near the funicular stop at the top of the hill is such a pleasant surprise. I think it's bursting in June, but can be enjoyed for much of the year.

Just one of the beautiful views from the tower

• Follow the Hunger Wall — a giant fortification known as the Hunger Wall climbs the hill and makes its way through the park. The wall reaches down to Ujezd - up past the tower and circles behind Strahov Monastery. Much of the wall has a path near it so you can essentially follow it for a long ways and see its different elements. Very impressive!

• Find the hidden garden — my kids call it the Secret Garden because it just has that certain hidden feeling to it, private like it's just yours. Can you find it?

Now, where is that Secret Garden?

Exploring Petrin, Where to Start?

Since the park is so big, there are many places to start from. Here are just a few ideas to get you going...

1.  Start from Ujezd. This tram stop at the bottom of Petrin is an ideal starting point. From the stop just walk up the stairs and then to the right on the path. You'll come right to the funicular station. And, many walking paths start from here.

Note... if you start from here, everything will be uphill. For you active folks, this will be a delight. Just walk up on any of the paths and eventually you'll come to the top.

If you don't have time or don't want to walk, take the funicular. There are only three stops so it's a quick ride to the top.

2.  For another approach, I like to take the tram 22 to Pohořelec. Cross over the main street and walk across the square with parking. Follow the road on the right side going down hill and the entrance to the park will be on your right.

Or, try to find the little stairway that leads from the sidewalk on the right up to Strahov Monastery. Then you will start to see the park to your left.

3.  Start from Malá Strana and walk straight up Nerudova street. Most people will eventually turn right and go up to the castle, but you should continue up the steep hill. The entrance to the park will be on your left.