Best Time to book flight and hotel

by Dianne

Hi,I am planning a trip mid October to Prague and am not sure if I should make my reservations now or wait a month or so to possibly obtain cheaper accommodations. Do you have any suggestions?

thank you

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Getting the Best Deal in Prague
by: Dean

Hi Dianne,

Great question, thanks for taking the time to ask. I just wish there was a quick and easy answer :-)

Let's start by saying this year (2011) has seen a rise in the general number of tourists in Prague compared to recent years. This means, hotels and other accommodations can be more selective with their pricing and deals. So, it's our estimate that waiting a month won't get you a better deal for accommodation in October. For hotels, the real deals for October probably won't hit until at least September or the first part of October.

Keep in mind also, September and October are still very popular times to visit Prague, so demand will still be high as well as rates. Often, people expect less crowds after the summer rush, but autumn is very popular - meaning many hotel discounts aren't found until very, very last minute. (November is the first true month of lesser crowds and lower prices for hotels, etc.)

Also, your search for a cheaper rate will depend on two other things, the type of accommodation you choose and your length of stay.

An apartment owner, small hotel or pension will run special offers more often since they tend to have more flexibility in their marketing. They can change things from week to week according to their perceived vacancies. And, they can occasional suggest a special rate if you stay more than four nights. (Any stay less than four nights makes it harder to find a cheap deal.) If you wait much later and contact them directly, your chances of getting a better price really improves.

As for flights, it seems more and more difficult to find a good discounted flight to Prague lately. The airlines seem pinched by regulations and the extra fees are incredibly high. In general it always seems better to book early.

Two tips for booking flights you might also consider... some websites offer a history of flight prices so you might be able gauge when flights are cheaper based on a pattern. Also, be flexible as possible. I know that's easy to say, but it really goes a long way sometimes.

Oh my we got very long-winded here. I hope some of this helps a bit. If not, try us again!

All the best,


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