Bicycling in Prague

by Liana

Hi everyone,

I am thinking to rent a bicycle and move around Prague for my holidays. Is it safe? Do you have any tips or any suggestions?

I like to move independently and on my own so I think it's the best way to see this beautiful city. What do you think? By the way this is for the beginning of November...I hope no snow yet...:)

Thanks in advance for your comments.

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Bicycle Rental or Not? Prague in November!
by: Dean, from My Prague Sights

Hi Liana,

Thanks for such an interesting question. We love to ride bikes in Prague, so we can really connect to your kind of thinking. The freedom that renting a bike in Prague would allow is fantastic. I really think more people should consider it.

First though, you should know that Prague doesn't have a lot of bike paths and cars in the city can be a bit aggressive, so riding a bicycle in Prague takes some experience and patience. I think it's safe, but it's certainly not for everyone. I would definitely consider it only if you have some experience bicycling in a city, before planning to depend on the bike to get around.

The other concern would be Prague's weather in November. It most likely won't snow in early November, but it will certainly be cold. And, it will feel even colder on a bicycle. That's just the facts of riding in Prague.

But, if you still feel comfortable after all this, then I say, go for it! Or, at least give it a try for one day and see what you think. Rentals are fairly affordable at about 600 Kc/day.

You can check out some rentals here:

If you have any other questions, please let us know. And, after your trip, please send us an update regarding your decision and trip to Prague.

All the best,

Dean and Martina

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