Crowds in early March?

by Kim


Do your recommendations regarding tourist crowds still apply to early March like getting up early and buying tickets in advance at the castle? We would expect it to be pretty quiet compared to summer. We like to travel off season and endure weather to avoid crowds. THANKS!


Hi Kim,

Thanks very much for your question. I'm responding on February 28th and I've already seen an up-tick of visitors over the last week or so. But, I think this early part of March will still be reasonable. Of course, it will still be busier than late January or early February.

The thing is, Prague is pretty busy all year so you can't really avoid the tourist season any more. But the winter is definitely slower.

Also, weekends are always busier with many Germans visiting for a day or two.

We still suggest getting out early in the morning, but that's maybe just our personal preference. The city is certainly a different place at 8 am as opposed to 11 am. We have a friend who walks to work across Charles Bridge every morning and she still feels like the city is hers at 8:30 am, or at least it feels local.

We didn't mean to suggest buying tickets in advance to the castle. I guess that's a good idea if you really want to save time. Our idea was simply, show up earlier rather than later. 10:00 will always be better than 1 pm in our opinion.

Well, hope these thoughts help you. So much of your experience depends on your point of view. Some people find Prague overwhelming no matter the month, while others just never think about it.

Drop us a line when you get back with your thoughts and any help that we can share with others.

All the best from a Prague that is slowly thawing out - or so we hope! :)

Dean and Martina

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