Czech Food

Czech food is typically of the "meat and potatoes" variety.

This page outlines typical Czech Republic food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. This will give you an idea of what to expect in Czech restaurants and homes of locals.

Of course, Prague has many international flavors to offer. But, this is the basic view of local food.

Czech food - a Basic Overview

This is a quick look at what Czech restaurants will offer in Prague. Just the basics...

First off, typical food in Prague is not diet food. So, if you're visiting Prague and traditional Czech restaurants, then consider leaving your diet at home.

Traditional meals in standard Czech restaurants can be a bit heavy for some visitors. Chefs won't be watching your diet or skimping on salt when they cook.

Meat... it's a key ingredient to nearly all meals. Pork, beef, chicken, fish and game are all very popular in local restaurants. And, many main dishes will include a sauce of one kind or another such as: dill, mushroom or something cream based. Everything, of course, can be washed down with a good Czech beer.

Vegetables... these are minimized with the emphasis on meat. Czech menus supplement meat meals with root vegetables and cabbage. They might even consider heavy pototo dumplings to be a vegetable.

Green vegetables aren't very common and side salads may include a simple mixture of grated cabbage and carrot. If you want green veggies, you'll need to order a side dish such as broccoli or spinach.

Bread... it's a key element of Czech food. Rye bread in particular is very good in Czech Republic and you'll find a variety of tasty baked goods as well. Restaurants commonly serve bread to compliment a meal or soup. And, all supermarkets (large and small) will have fresh good, cheap bread.

And the National Dish is... Vepřo - knedlo - zelo!

Yes, the Czech Republic has a national dish. It's one of those meals that locals will speak of with pride... "Have you tried vepřo, knedlo, zelo?"

So when you visit Prague or wherever in the country, be sure to give it a try!

Roast Pork - Dumplings - Sauerkraut. You will see this advertised at many restaurants in Prague. The roasted pork should be tender with a sauce dripped over it and the sauerkraut. The dumplings are of the yeast variety (see photo above).

You can also try our Czech recipes to bring Czech cuisine into your own home.

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