Driving to Prague, from Germany

by Fred Mullick
(Toronto, ON Canada)

We are renting a car in Berlin, and driving to Prague (for a four day stay). Do we need to buy stickers or permits to do so?

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by: Dean


Thanks for your question. As for driving in Czech Republic, you are required to obtain an international driving licence. You can find a few more official details here.

I am not clear on the details regarding driving in Germany. I suggest finding their official tourism site or other for a more official answer.


My Prague Sights.com

Driving from Munich to Prague
by: Anonymous

Hi every body,
Nice to have very helpful comments here! I have the plan to drive from Munich to Prague this June. Is there any need to have an International Driving Licence, or I am permitted to drive by a Canadian driving licence (such as BC driving licence)?

Thanks a lot.

traveling to Prague by car at night
by: Martina

Hello Magdalena,

Thanks for your question. Yes, it's safe to travel to Prague at night by car.

Czech roads are fairly well marked and it's rather easy to reach Prague from Munich.

Please note, you will need to buy the highway sticker for your time in Czech Republic. You can buy this at the border from a petrol station.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

All the best,

Martina, from My Prague Sights.com

Rental car - travel in the afternoon
by: Magdalena

Hello! It was very helpfull to read your words. And I would like to know if it is safe to enter Prague at night because we would like to travel from Munich to Prague in the afternoon and since it is november we believe that we are going to arrive at night (7pm) in Prague. Is safe to arrive at this time?

Best regards.


I recently drove to Prague from Munich and back (on 15th of May 2015)
by: Anonymous


I drove from Munich to Prague on the weekend of 16th May 2015. Below are my experience.

1. The road is good to excellent. I did enter Prague through a non-motorway entry through Bohmerstrase (Route 26 into Czech Republic) on to Ceska Kubice, Horsovky Tyn, Stankov, Chostesov, Line onto motorway 5 before Plzen. It took me about 4:30 hours since I went through a non-motorway. On the border, I could fill fuel, buy the motorway toll sticker (Vignette) for about 11 euros for 10 days) and drive safely with no incidents.

2. Once inside the city, I had minor difficulty in finding my hotel and took a wrong turn which was meant for BUS/Tram only and the police man caught me. But the moment he realized I was tourist and lost, he just let me go. (pleasantly surprised)

3. I didn't drive inside Prague and had a safe underground parking (I paid about 27 euros a day)

4. While driving back, I took the motorway all throughout and I was back in Munich in less than 4 hours.

Overall, no issues, good roads, secure parking and avoid driving locally in Prague as it can get crowded.

Driving to Prague - Highway Stickers
by: Martina, praguewise.com

Hello Fred,

Thanks for your question. Yes, most likely you will need to purchase a highway sticker for your trip. Although it also depends on the route you take to Prague from Germany. Not all roads require a highway sticker.

The minimum length of time is 10 days. Stickers can be bought at most gas stations, but unfortunately they may not always have a 10 day sticker.

Please check www.motorway.cz/stickers for all the specific details about highway stickers including a map of Czech Republic with highways that require a sticker.

One last note... drivers on Czech highways and roads in general in our country are much more aggressive than those in North America. So, be aware at all times and drive defensively. Also, on highways, the left lane is for very fast traffic and should be used only when passing other cars. While right hand lanes will often have large lorries or trucks.

There is a very small police presence on our highways making them a sort of free for all sometimes, hence the multitude of accidents unfortunately.

If you have any other questions, please contact us directly by clicking "contact" in the upper right corner of this page.

Happy travels!


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