First Day in Prague

by Chris Jenson
(Wisconsin USA)

Our group of four women will be arriving in Prague very early 8:30AM on July 6th from the US. We have an included walking tour on the 7th that includes Hradcany Castle Grounds, St Vitus cathedral and the Charles Bridge. What would you recommend for our first day keeping in mind that we will be pretty tired but we do not want to waste any of the three days we have in Prague.

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by: Dean

Hey Chris,

Thanks for contacting us. This is a great question.

Let's start with your travel and arrival first. I've flown to Prague from the US many times, so I can relate to being tired on that first day.

You might find that half of the day is quickly gone before you get going anywhere. But, after that, I would suggest discovering something near your accommodation. And, ask reception or your host for some tips.

You might find a hidden gem that is easily accessible without expending too much energy. Of course, this depends on where you are located, but Prague is filled with gardens and less touristy areas that you can find when you're not focused on the main sights - which is perfect for the first day if you don't have that much energy.

It's also a great time to get prepped for the next two days. Get oriented with a map, plan which restaurants to visit, etc. I also like to come up with a rainy day idea in advance just in case.

Another fun low-key option is to ride a tram across the city and back. The 22 tram is the most obvious because it crosses the city and passes many of the popular destinations. But there might be another one near your accommodation that could be similarly interesting.

Trams can take you to all sorts of parks and alternative places. Vystaviste comes to mind, or Letna park with its commanding views.

The point is, you can see a lot without having to over plan and go to the obvious monuments for that first day.

If you're doing some planning, why not take a break in one of Prague's lovely cafes? Have an afternoon drink and plan out your time in more detail. Cafe Savoy, Cafe Slavia, or the Louvre Cafe are all in central spots - near the river and easily accessible.

Speaking of the river, why not take a river cruise that first day? There are numerous afternoon 2-hour cruises that would fit nicely into your down time.

Well, these are just some random bits of ideas and things. I hope you enjoy your time here in Prague - jet lag or not.

All the best!


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