Getting There from Singapore

by Colin


We are flying from Singapore and there are no direct flights.

Which major city is Prague the easiest to connect from? Is it easier to get to Prague from Frankfurt or London or Vienna?


Our Answer:

As you can tell, flying to Prague from Asia is never the easiest thing to do. Unfortunately, also, there is no sure answer that guarantees the best solution.

We've spoken to visitors who have taken this route from all sorts of connecting cities and they seem to go with the route that is usually the cheapest or shortest which is not usually based on a particular city.

Personally, we like to avoid flying into the larger cities like London because there seems to be more risk of delays and transfer times can be a stress. Sometimes these flights arrive at Heathrow with the connecting flight leaving from Gatwick. That transfer is never fun from our experience.

We recently flew to the U.S. and chose Frankfurt as our connecting point. It seems to be a smaller airport and the connecting flight is really short; maybe an hour if I remember correctly.

Otherwise, Vienna is very close as well and would be an equally good option. Are you planning to visit Vienna as well? You might spend a day there and then take the train to Prague instead. It's a relaxing 4-5 hour train ride and you get to see the countryside a bit. It's just a thought! This might give you a way to work out your jet lag too.

In the end, if we had to pick from your three choices, we'd fly to Prague from Frankfurt. Of course, everyone has their own opinions and order of importance. This is just our two cents worth.

If it helps, we've also had connecting flights from Amsterdam and Geneva with very good experiences at both airports. (We chose Paris once and probably never again.)

If you have further questions, feel free to add a comment below or drop us a line through our contact us form.

All the best,


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