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Leaving from Newark, NJ, should I fly directly to Prague or does it make sense to fly to Munich and take land transportation? If flying to Munich how will I get to Prague?



Hello Betsy,

Thanks for asking your question. There are really a lot of variables regarding these flights and planning. So, we might need more information from you to help answer the best way possible.

In short, I would suggest flying straight to Prague rather than stopping in Munich. I can't imagine there is a huge reason to divert so far from Prague unless you either plan to visit Munich anyways or have found an incredibly cheap flight that makes land transportation necessary.

If Munich is important, then by all means you can take a bus or train from there to Prague without a problem. Although, the cost and hassle might not be worth it if Prague is really your final destination anyways. It really just depends on your personal preferences and plans.

It's my thought that the flight from Newark to Prague is relatively easy and relaxing. If you took this, you don't complicate things and it might make your planning for more destinations in Europe easier instead of worrying about getting from one Munich to Prague, etc.

Well, these are just some thoughts. If you have more specific questions or if we missed something please answer in the comments below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

All the best from Prague!

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