Prague Travel Safe?

by Sarah

Hello. I will be traveling to Prague and backpacking by myself through Europe. I want to know if it's safe to be out alone in Prague at night. I'm a single woman traveling alone.

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Prague and Women Travelers, Prague Nights
by: Martina

Before I was married, I traveled to many large cities alone. I always had this same question wherever I went.

From my experience, Prague at night is very safe. And, I'm not just saying that because I'm from Prague :-)

Many travelers have expressed surprise at how accessible the city is for single women and families - all Prague attractions are in one path. You will be completely fine in most areas of Prague, especially the main tourist areas.

The places of caution at night would be Wenceslas Square and the train stations. And, always be on the lookout for pickpockets - especially in crowded areas. But, that's everywhere in Europe unfortunately.

For more tips on traveling alone, check out this wonderful women travel website.


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