Taxi to Hotel from Prague's Main Station

by Chad


Is it safe to take a taxi from the station to Hotel Ikon in Lesser Town? How much would it cost? Is there a good place to exchange Euros/$ to Kc in the main train station since we'll be arriving in Prague through there? Thanks

Our answer:

Thanks for your question. Taking a taxi from the main station in Prague comes up a lot.

To answer simply, yes, it's safe to take a taxi from here to your hotel in Lesser Town. Lovely location, by the way.

However, please be aware that many taxi drivers at the station will overcharge for their services. And, some may not want to go to Mala Strana. I've personally surveyed some of the drivers, and they refused to use a meter and preferred a flat fee - which was often too much.

A standard taxi should really cost 200-300 czk, but many drivers are looking for bigger payouts (500-800 czk).

That said, if you find an AAA taxi, then these are trustworthy.

Or, I would recommend using an app like Uber or Bolt instead of a standard taxi. And you don't have to worry about exchanging money.

The other option would be to ask your hotel if they can provide a pick up from Prague's main station. This will likely be a little more expensive, but you'll feel more comfortable and the driver will pick you up personally and know exactly where to take you.

The hotel may be able to include the cost of the transfer with your accommodation bill. So you wouldn't need to worry about exchanging money at the station.

Yes, you can exchange money at Prague's main station, but the rate you get will be lower than it should be. So I don't normally suggest a specific place at the station.

Exchange offices at Prague's stations and the airport always offer poorer rates. But, rates have improved in recent years.

To avoid exchanging money, try the bank machine in the station instead. If you really need to exchange money, consider a small amount and then find a recommended location later.

I'm sure the hotel can advise on where in Prague to exchange for the best rate. They should be able to suggest a place based on where you will be visiting on the first day or so. If you're going to Old Town, I suggest eXchange (

One last idea related to exchanging money, if you are traveling to Prague from a nearby country like Germany, why not get Czech currency there? If you have a reliable business, then they should be able to offer Czech crowns as well. At least a small amount to get you started.

Well, these are just some ideas. I hope this is helpful.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

All the best,


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