Underground Restaurants in Prague

by Kate

I am looking for an underground restaurant that is in Prague? Can you advise any names please?

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Dining Underground in Prague
by: Martina

Hi and thanks for your question.

Actually there are many restaurants in Prague that have underground spaces. Some restaurants are fully underground while others have two floors with one floor being a converted cellar (sklep). So, in Prague, you will see signs near entrances to restaurants that say "Cellar Restaurant" or "Cellar Dining."

The cellars can be quite remarkable and obviously atmospheric. They often tend to lean in style and decor toward the middle ages while using the darkness and bricked walls to their advantage.

With that in mind, I am listing a few of our favorite restaurants that have dining underground in Prague along with their locations. (Please copy and paste the web links into a new browser to visit each restaurant's website.)

Restaurant Peklo - peklo is the Czech word for hell. But there's nothing painful about dining here :-) It has a great history as part of the Strahov Monastery up above. http://www.peklo.com/

U sedmi Svabu (At the 7 Swabians) - this medieval theme based restaurant is quite fun and in a cool little location in Mala Strana (Lesser Town). http://www.svabove.cz/web/index.php?akce=&lang=en

U Ceskych Panu (At the Czech Master's) - another medieval restaurant, but near Wenceslas Square. http://www.uceskychpanu.cz/e-mail.html

U Cerneho Slunce (At the Black Sun) - this very nice restaurant is in Old Town, very close to the main square. http://www.ucernehoslunce.cz/en/restaurant/

Restaurant Bily Konicek - located in a wonderfully historic building in Old Town. Jazz and blues club as well. http://www.bilykonicek.com/index.php?pg=page&i=15&l=EN

Hope this helps. If you have other questions, please contact us directly by using the contact us link in the top right corner.



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