Using cash in Prague

by Ada

I will be in Prague for 4 nights with my granddaughter. I will be using my credit card most time. Are they accepted in most restaurants, bars, and shops?

How much cash (czk) on the average should I bring with me for incidentals?

Thank you

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by: Dean

Hi Ada,

Thanks for your questions. These are good ones which I think a lot of people are asking to prepare for their trip to Prague.

First, yes, credit cards are accepted in most restaurants, stores, cafes, bars, etc. etc. Actually it's easy to rely on a credit card only. Places that are cash-only are becoming very unusual.

So you shouldn't have any trouble using just your credit card.

Of course there are always some exceptions here and there. Occasionally I find a small independent shop or cafe that doesn't accept cards. Or, they require a minimum purchase to use them.

But most places of business accept cards in Prague. You can look for their credit card signs (stickers) on their front doors to designate that they accept them. Or, at the register there may be a sign that mentions that they do not.

In any doubt, just ask. Most shop staff, especially in the city center, will likely speak some English.

Since credit card acceptance is widespread, you don't have to rely on cash at all. I think you could even go cashless if you want.

But I can understand if that's not for everyone, especially visitors. So maybe consider carrying 1000 CZK just to feel comfortable. For two people, this amount would likely pay for a meal just in case you had any issues with using a credit card.

Of course, this amount is really subjective. Some people may read this and think that 1000 CZK is nothing, or the complete opposite. But, this is about $40. I think it's a decent amount to buy something incidental or cover smaller purchases.

Remember also, cash machines in Prague are all over Old Town and most of the main central areas. You can count on finding one just in case your cash runs out.

I would try to find one that is attached to a bank or a machine that is bank sponsored. The random ones on the street or in a shop can really have high fees and give poor exchange rates. If any doubt, ask someone for help.

I hope this information helps you. I'm sure you'll have a lovely time in Prague with your granddaughter.

All the best,


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