What to buy in Prague, Czech Republic?

by Connie
(Kent, Ohio, USA)

What are some items that are unique to Czechs that would be great to purchase for myself or others as gifts?

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Czech goods, crafts and gift ideas
by: Martina, praguewise.com

Hi Connie, thanks for your question.

This is a common challenge for many travelers to our country. Unfortunately, there's not one good answer. Even if you ask local Czechs in Prague, they might be stumped to really give you an answer.

But, here are a few ideas, I've come up with as I do a little imaginative shopping in Old Town in Prague.

One of my favorite shops in Prague for handicrafts and traditional Czech stuff is Manufaktura (www.manufaktura.cz). They offer plenty of nice things that don't cry Cheesy like the stuff in so many souvenir shops. Here you'll find hand made items from soaps to wooden toys and painted eggs. The eggs are particularly interesting even when it's not Easter. I know many families in the U.S. that decorate their Christmas trees or just hang them in interesting spots. But, really, this store is a prime place to go.

Also, the Czech Republic is known for glassware, crystal products and ceramics. There are several shops near Old Town Square including a Moser shop with fantastic Czech crystal. This can be a bit expensive for some, so you might consider the ceramics shop nearby on Celetna street. (Some shops also offer shipping for those difficult to pack items.)

In this immediate area there are a variety of jewelry shops with Czech amber and garnet pieces. These are very popular as well and can be quite inexpensive. A pair of earrings from here has been known to impress a few of our family members for sure.

Just off the main square is another of my favorite shops, Botanicus (www.botanicus.cz). Here you will find a wide variety of hand made natural products from lotions and soaps to oils and bath salts. There are great products here that make perfect gifts from Prague.

Czechs are also known for their puppetry and marionettes. Throughout the city you can find a plethora of shops that offer all kinds of good examples of these - from toy versions to larger more professional models. One store comes to mind that's just across from Botanicus behind the Tyn Church off Old Town Square. They have plenty of puppets and then there's a little shop with all sorts of wooden toys, games and other hand made goods as well.

Well, hope this helps. If you need more help, please contact us directly with the Contact Us link at the top right of this page.

Happy travels!


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