Euros in Prague

by Ramon

I will be traveling to Prague next month from Italy. Can I use euros at the stores to buy things?

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Czech Crowns Are the Best Option
by: Martina

Good question Ramon. Euros are not accepted at most stores in Prague. So, it's easiest to plan to use Czech Koruna (commonly known as Crowns) while you're here.

You may find a few stores that accept euros like larger department stores and some in the main tourist areas of Prague. Also, stores are starting to add amounts on receipts in euros, but still, we don't advise using or depending on euros.

But, determining which stores accepts euros would become a headache so just plan to use Czech crowns.

The same advice goes for euros and restaurants in Prague. A few restaurants (mainly the touristy ones) may accept euros, but you will likely over pay with a poor exchange rate.

Other than shopping and restaurants, most Prague hotels and places of accommodation will accept euros without a problem. But, businesses are free to set their own exchange rate.

The best way to get money while you're here is to use a bank machine if you can. These will give you a clear accurate rate and you will avoid fees that the exchange offices use.

If you need to exchange money, try to go into a bank. Their fees are also usually lower than the exchange offices.

I hope this helps. For more information, read more about using Czech currency.

Good luck and happy travels!

All the best,

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