Going to Prague alone!!!!!

by Andreia


Hi guys I am planning to go alone to Prague for 2 days, because I am on holiday but my husband's bosses didn't give him a holiday too.

I am quite worried if it will be ok for a girl to be walking alone in Prague .... is it ok??? or quite dangerous!!!

I appreciate your response......thanks.

Our Answer:

Traveling to Prague alone can seem like a difficult thing on the outside. There's lots of walking and navigating to do especially if you've never been here before.

But, we've met numerous female travelers that have decided to visit Prague alone and not one has had a problem due to traveling alone. Like most European capitals, Prague has a pickpocket problem and taxis are known to over charge their customers from time to time. But, in general we think walking in Prague alone is very safe - for anyone. That's our perspective at least.

Of course, like any city, there are less friendly parts of town. For example, you may not feel entirely comfortable hanging around the train station late at night, but why would you do that anyways, right?

So, it's our personal belief that it's best to concentrate on seeing and experiencing all the Prague sights. After all, you'll only have two days here anyways. Just be aware of your belongings and you should be fine.

To repeat what's been said elsewhere, there are a few general rules to follow as a tourist in Prague that might help also... be especially aware of your things in crowded areas like Charles Bridge, the Prague metro and trams... be on the look out for pickpockets that work in small groups in order to distract a tourist from what's actually happening... don't exchange money on the street with anyone since it's unsafe and generally a scam... If you need a taxi use the AAA Taxi company, ask for an estimate before getting in the car and always make sure they use their meter.

If you have any other questions, please write us directly here.

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All the best and happy traveling to Prague!


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