Help me to plan my 3 nights 2.5 days in Prague

by Gültekin Emin

Hello Gültekin,

Thank you for your questions regarding your visit to Prague. I hope our answers help you plan appropriately. I think other visitors will also benefit since your accommodation is in a very popular area of Old Town.

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Dobry den,

I shall be staying in Residence Bene Prague on Dlouha street in Old Town...


From Old Town Square I want to go to Prague Castle. I must take tram 22. Which is the nearest tram stop? is it Narodni Trida? Which stop do I get down?


It's true that the 22 tram goes up the hill to the castle while other trams and the metro stop at the base of the hill to the castle. So to avoid walking up the hill, the only option is the 22.

From the main square in Old Town, you can walk to the stop Národní třída or Národní divadlo and take the 22 from here to the stop Pražský hrad.

Many visitors have trouble following the announced stops on the tram so you might keep an eye out the windows on the left. After the tram climbs the hill, it will be the second stop.

----Side Note----
Just to clarify for other readers, it is possible to walk from Old Town Square to the castle - and many visitors do this without much problem. Of course, it's not for everyone. A lot of people just don't feel like walking or might have trouble with stairs or inclines. If this is the case for you, then the 22 tram will be ideal.
----Side Note----


From Residence Bene in Old Town, I want to go to Prague Zoo. From Holesovice I take bus 112 to the last stop. Which is the fast way from hotel to Holesovice? Metro Line C or Tram? Do I have to walk to Florenc?


It's quite easy to get to Nádraží Holešovice from the Residence Bene. Just a short walk from here you will find the tram stop Dlouhá třída. Take either 5 or 14 tram to Nádraží Holešovice. This should take about 10-15 minutes.

After you exit the tram, turn left and go across the street (crossing over the tram tracks). Then you will find the 112 bus stop down and to your right. It's usually the stop with the most children waiting to go to Prague Zoo.


I shall be in Prague during 20-23 June 2012. I read online that National Museum at Vaclavske Namesti is closed for renovation. Can you suggest a similar museum in Praha 1 that I can take my 15 year old grand daughter?


You are right that the National Museum will be closed while you are here. Currently, they are using the adjacent building for other temporary exhibitions. Unfortunately, as I write this, their web site ( doesn't suggest which exhibitions are showing past May.

I'm not certain what your granddaughter would like to see, but she might enjoy the City Museum of Prague near the Florenc metro station. The Langweil Model of Prague alone is worth the price of admission for us. The museum is not in Prague 1, but still a relatively short walk from your hotel.

Other museums that might interest you…

  • Museum of Communism - an interesting and in-depth look at decades of communism in Prague and former Czechoslovakia.

  • Museum of Miniatures - a delightful surprise of a museum not far from the castle

  • Veletržní Palace - a unique chance to see the impressive Slav epic paintings by Alfonse Mucha or visit the Mucha Museum

    Click here for more info on Museums in Prague

    We hope these suggestions and ideas help you have a lovely trip to Prague. If you have an questions, please feel free to get in touch.

    All the best,

    Dean and Martina

    My Prague Sights

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