Make Your Hotel Reservation Prague
Plus 10 Insider Accommodation Tips

Your hotel reservation Prague might be the most important part of your trip.

Historical room at Residence Thunovska

I know this task can be overwhelming, but making the right choice can be very rewarding.

And with a little research you will have the upper hand.

Don't worry, I also have a few tips up my sleeve for you! These are super simple to remember and put into action.

Best Review Website for Hotels

TripAdvisor is still the review powerhouse. Just type in Prague and your dates, and click Find Hotels.

My tip... look through a hotel's responses to the reviews they get.

Some replies will be totally boring, but some will show a human side to a hotel's staff.

There can be real hidden value in these comments.

Also, check TripAdvisor's discount deals. They have up-to-date info and best pricing direct from hotels sometimes.

My 10 Tips for Your Hotel Reservation Prague

From my personal work experience, I have a few simple things to share about Prague hotels. These are easy to apply for any hotel reservation in Prague...

Hotel Rott PragueThe historic Hotel Rott Prague

1. Choose your location first.

Focus on a specific area of Prague you want to stay in. Otherwise, you will end up working backwards and waste time with hotel overload.

2. Know the reality behind hotel prices.

Did you know that hotels pay on average 20% commission fees to booking sites? That's on every booking!

So, contact the hotel directly and ask for their best rate. It can't hurt to ask - just be honest with them and they might reward you. At least you will get a feel for their customer service by contacting them.

3. Beware of the term "city centre."

Hotels in Prague love to say they are in the "city centre" or close to the "centre." But this is a general term which is not the same for every person. Check every hotel on a map!

4. Prague 1 is a double edged sword.

The district of Prague 1 includes all the historical areas. But, crowds and noise can be bothersome, and there some streets really are not very attractive. Please! Don't get fixated on hotels in Prague 1 (map).

5. Look for small hotels in Prague.

You can get a better, local experience from small businesses. They also have more pricing flexibility and will work harder for your positive review.

Other types of Accommodation

Don't get trapped in thinking only about reserving a hotel. Prague offers plenty of alternatives. What about a quiet residence? Or a pension? Expand your search to include other options too.

6. Go direct!

The links and tools on this page are useful, but ALWAYS check a hotel's website directly. Look for their special deals and other inside information that can help you make a decision.

7. Be careful of big booking sites.

Large booking sites can be very useful, but they can also be misleading. Their graphics, icons and choices are meant to overwhelm with information. Remember, they exist to make a profit on your reservations! 

8. Don't fall in love with all those pretty photos.

Photos are meant to get your booking.

So, temper your expectations. Not all hotel rooms will match their presentation online. This can be especially true for smaller, cheap hotels.

And, booking sites will push more attractive photos to the top of the queue. Those first few photos might not even be indicative of your room category.

9. Don't over-think your decision, go with the good location.

If you can't decide on a hotel, forget everything I said!

Choose the hotel with the best location. Because no matter the hotel, no one can take away a prime spot. 

10. You have the power!

Prague is learning, finally, the value of customer service. So use the "customer first" mindset to leverage your hotel reservation Prague. Social media and hotel reviews are also your strengths. 

Recommended Hotels by Map

I have handpicked a few hotels to give you a better idea of good locations. These are also recommended based on my personal insight, research and applicable reviews.

Your hotel reservation Prague is fairly safe at one of these.

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