Pictures of Prague

These pictures of Prague take you on a visual tour of many Prague sights. From the castle to Old Town, Prague is a fantastic exhibition of history and detail.

Come along and experience Prague from our point of view. We're not professional photographers by any means, but we love our camera -- and our city.

Let's get started with a few pictures of Prague and then below, you will find a few of our photo tips to make the most of your camera's visit.

Above: Prague is packed with spires, churches and textures. This view is from Charles Bridge looking into Malá Strana (Lesser Town).

Below: The main entrance to Prague Castle at Hradčanské náměstí.

Above: The spires of St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle, soaring high above Malá Strana (Lesser Town).

It's great to find a large view of the city like this. There are a few vantage points that you might consider finding. We've listed five view points for Prague photos that also might interest you.

Strangely enough, not many people ever take the time to visit these spots - like this one of Prague's bridges and the Vltava River from Letna park.

Two photo tips for your best Prague photos...

The Czech capital has been described as one big outdoor gallery, a stunning city of magical atmosphere. But how do you capture the city's essence without repeating something you've already seen over and over again?

Here are two tips that you might consider when walking around looking for the best photos of Prague. Just a couple of tips to keep in the back of your mind as you photograph the depths of our city.

Well, here are two simple photo tips to take some of the best pictures of Prague...

Tip 1: Get a Signature Photo of Prague

Find a place where you can take in a view of the city. This will give you a signature photo that includes the full feeling of Prague.

We like the photos that have lots of spires or a shot of the river that gives you the sense of Prague's city center - its immensity, its sheer layers of history and color.

From the red tiled rooftops to the domed churches and meandering Vltava River, there an angle that's waiting to be captured with your own spin on it.

This means you should probably get off the beaten path a bit. If you stay on Charles Bridge and follow everyone else, well, you'll get the expected.

So, look for a different angle whether your thing is climbing a tower, riding a boat or getting up really early for that magical light from Kampa Island, Letna Park or Petřín.

Tip 2: Prague is in the Details

Take a few minutes during each day to take pictures of Prague that show the city's details - but make it something that appeals to your personal senses. Get up close!

Get right in there, so to speak. Fill your camera's frame or screen with a whole image - an image that stands out for you. Something that will bring the feeling of Prague back to you every time you see it. You can always try to take better photographs that speak to an experience rather than just a random moment.

For example... for us, we like the old doors that are scattered throughout Old Town and Malá Strana. The detail and craftsmanship in each door holds a story waiting to be told (or captured).

It seems each one comes carries its own language, its own personal history. There are some doors that we've seen hundreds of times, but we still marvel their strength and courage that seem to convey.

For us, these doors hold a slew of untold stories in their edges, bumps and handles. Metal, wood, worn and carved.

We're talking about the essences of Prague - the details. So maybe for you it's the humorous sculpted faces on the facades of buildings or the various lanes with no traffic.

Whatever it is, keep in mind you'll want something that speaks to you. We see way too many visitors standing far away from various sights instead of getting close to experience the art of Prague's streets. So, take your finger off the zoom and get in there close.

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