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Where to See a Film in Prague

Your guide to Prague cinemas starts here. From art film houses, to Hollywood blockbusters, Prague has a colorful variety of great places to see a film.

Going to the movies in Prague can either be a real local experience or something more similar to a shopping center. Regardless, Prague cinemas are always showing a film worth seeing. And, prices might surprise you.

You can pick up a free movie guide in a variety of cafes and theaters (but usually in Czech).

Did you know?

It's likely that some of the films you've seen have a connection to Prague.

Many large production films choose Prague for various scenes - whether it's for local streets or for Prague's highly regarded Barrandov Film Studios. Films like Oliver Twist, Casino Royale and XXX have been shot at least partially in Prague.

Here are a few cinema listings for Prague that we think you might appreciate. It's a mix of new spots (shopping mall) and local art-house cinemas.

By the way, "cinema" in Czech is kino (key-no).

Thankfully, Prague cinemas provide a cheaper alternative to other Prague nightlife. Ticket prices can range dramatically from 50 to 170 CZK depending on your choice of film.

Please note: Many films are dubbed into Czech - especially more popular Hollywood flicks in larger multiplexes. It's always best to double check the movie listings for details. Dubbing (dabing) may have "dab" or "DD" near the listing while films with subtitles (titulky) are sometimes noted by "tit" or "SB".

Prague Cinemas in shopping malls

Visit any of these cinemas and you'll get both experiences - mall and movie. At least this way you can see a good movie and maybe find a good deal.

Movies here will provide that modern Hollywood-style experience. Stadium seating and all.

Note: Film releases vary around the globe, so you might find something that either hasn't come to your local theatre or something was shown to you long ago.

Also, films at these cinemas are more likely to be dubbed than those at the more arty Prague cinemas (see below).

Nový Smíchov Cinemas

Here you'll find all the Hollywood blockbusters and expensive popcorn. It's conveniently located on the top floor of a shopping center with lots of stores and restaurants too.

Address: Plzeňská 8, Prague 5.
Getting there: metro B to Anděl or trams 9, 12 or 20.

Palác Flora

This is another shopping mall option. There's an IMAX cinema here too.

Address: Vinohradska 151, Prague 3.
Getting there: metro A to Flora or trams 9, 10 or 16.

Arthouse Cinemas in Prague

These are the cinemas to visit if you want a little more than the typcial movie experience. After visiting one of these, you may never look for "stadium seating" again! Yes, we're talking old-school theatres here.

Kino Světozor:

This fabulous art-house cinema has two screens hidden downstairs under Wenceslas Square. They show a great mix of films, new, foreign, old, arty... And, they also participate in a few very good festivals througout the year. If you have time, grab a beer (or Kofola) in their bar before showtime. 

Address: Vodičkova 41, Prague 1.
Getting there
: metro A to Můstek or metro A/C to Muzeum; trams 3, 9, 14 and 24

Kino Aero:

Another fantastic, local place to see a film. This one is on the outskirts of the main center, but well worth a visit. Hop on a tram and see city from a new eye while hitting one of Prague's best cinemas. All kinds of films here on their one screen. Bar and lounge inside too.

Address: Biskupcova 31, Prague 3.
Getting there: trams 5, 9, 10, 16 or 19 to stop Biskupcova 

Kino Lucerna:

Lucerna has that classic throw-back feeling. Just think, dark smoke filled cinema of the '60s and you've got it. Although, this particular building and location is so much more than that visual. Even if you don't want to see a film here, stop by for the hanging horse statue or for a coffee upstairs in the cafe.

Address: Vodičkova 41, Prague 36.
Getting there
: metro A to Můstek or metro A/C to Muzeum; trams 3, 9, 14 and 24

Map of Recommended Cinemas in Prague

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