Get your Prague Hotel Discount and Support Small Businesses

Your Prague hotel discount is coming right up. I promise an offer that is real and honest.

But, before you rush to cash-in, please give me two minutes of your time by reading some background to these discounts. That's all I ask :-)

Why this discount?

In the winter of 2017-18, I started thinking a lot about Prague's hotel industry. I knew that many hotels were taking this time to evaluate their rates and analyze their expenses from the previous "season."

And, eventually, many hotels chose to raise their rates. Again!

But before we hate on hotels for raising their rates, let's consider a couple of things.

First, most hotels have become dependent on large booking sites that control most of their reservations. And that comes at a significant cost. Commission on every reservation is 15-20%.

This relationship has also forced local booking agencies out of business in recent years.

Secondly, taxes on every reservation are up to 15%.

So, hotels can lose at least 30% of each reservation in this structure. That's a difficult chunk to lose, especially for small businesses. And that's before calculating other expenses.

Honestly, I'm not here to advocate for hotels as a whole or fight against taxes. 

But, I do want to support small businesses that struggle under this system.

Fortunately, Prague has a wonderful collection of small hotels. From romantic and hidden to cozy and historical - there are so many unique places to fall in love with.

And if you're like me, you crave this kind of accommodation. You value something unique and independent. And you likely want a place that adds value and atmosphere to your stay - especially if it's your first trip to Prague.

Here's the deal!

Save on unique accommodation

So, basically, I want to put you in touch with these types of businesses. Small, local hotels (or apartment owners) that offer unique accommodation AND give you a discount for booking direct.

You get a discount for your efforts. And, each business keeps some of their independence.

And from my experience, someone booking direct becomes a preferred, valued customer.

Of course, you can find hotels like this on your own. But, I thought my firsthand knowledge of local businesses would help point you in a good direction.

It's really as simple as that.

I think it's a Win-Win situation. What you do you think? Let me know.

Finally... your Prague hotel discount

Congrats, you made it this far! But now you're wondering where are the discounts.

Well... this idea for a Prague hotel discount is just starting (spring 2018). So it's a work in progress. But hopefully more businesses will join my efforts soon.

Let's connect the two of you!

Residence Thunovsk√°

This historical residence below Prague Castle is offering 20% discounts on last-minute bookings and 10% on all other direct bookings. Contact them with the promo code PRAGUEWISE.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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