Prague Webcams

Each Prague webcam here offers a live view of the historic center. They are perfect for an immediate weather forecast of Prague.

Have a look before you arrive to see what awaits you.

These are up to the minute with views of Charles Bridge and the castle - looking both ways from Prague city center.

The cameras are updated every few minutes. To see changes in the scenes, you may need to refresh your browser every few minutes or so.

Old Town Square

Prague: Old Town Square

Charles Bridge and Prague Castle

This one is looking northwest from Old Town to the castle with the ever inspiring Charles Bridge front and center.

We're not sure if the camera is in the tower on the bridge or just south of it. Regardless, it's a perfect little perch.

If you're interested in getting this view for yourself when you're here, we suggest climbing the tower on Charles bridge.

There are even better views from the top which is higher than this webcam. And, it's a fun way to watch the crowds and river boats pass along while feeling like you're on top of the world. (Inside there is an interesting exhibition as well.)

On the opposite side of the river from this view is of course Prague Castle, but also Malá Strana (Lesser Town).

This is our favorite area and we always recommend finding a hotel in Malá Strana. We think it has wonderful ambiance and charm with lots of little restaurants, cafes and quaint streets to explore. Plus, there are most definitely fewer crowds here than in ever obvious Old Town.

Sorry... we are having trouble with these webcams. Please be patient while we get them back online.

Charles Bridge

This web cam is perched on the lovely Hotel Leonardo in Old Town, just next to the Vltava River. The hotel itself is in a very good location as proved by the panoramic scene from its rooftop.

It offers a live shot of Charles Bridge, Malá Strana, Prague castle and Petřín park.

You'll notice that the webcam also backtracks to show previous time frames. This option is ideal in the morning and evening when the skies over the castle are changing colors and hues.

Note... it's probably best to use this webcam in full screen mode.

Do you have a Prague webcam?

If you have a webcam that features any part of Prague, we would be glad to link to it. Please feel free to contact us with more details.

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