My husband and I just spent a week in wonderful, beautiful Prague....we loved it. I do believe it is the most beautiful city I've ever seen, even passing Rome and Florence. Perhaps our favorite part of the city was the the food! Now I am home, I am gathering recipes to try to recreate our favorite dishes. My husband fell in love with Czech goulash, thinks it is much better than the hungarian version and the german version I grew up with. I, however, loved another dish, and I am hoping you can tell me what it was and where to find the recipe, especially for the sauce.

It was pork slices, served with potato dumplings and some sort of yellow sweet sauce, topped with cranberry sauce and whipped cream. Any ideas? Any help would be appreciated...


Celeste Leibbrandt
Colorado Springs, CO

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Classic Czech Meal - Svickova
by: Martina,

Hi Celeste,

So glad you enjoyed your stay in Prague AND the typical Czech food.

I believe the meal you are describing is Svickova. This is a particular classic for Czech Republic. I prefer them served with bread dumplings as opposed to potato dumplings but both are great. The bread (or yeast) dumplings are great to soak up the sauce with.

There's more background info on Svickova here.

Let us know how you get on if you make it from home. We'll be adding a recipe from Grandma this fall into our upcoming Czech recipe e-book.

Thanks again for writing!

All the best,


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