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I will be arriving by train from Budapest in the late afternoon. At what train station will I arrive?

What is the best way to get to my hotel,the Ibis Mala Strana?

Thank you.

Our Answer:

Thanks for taking the time to share your question. We will go into a little bit of extra detail here just to help clarify the situation regarding train stations in Prague. We hope this helps you and other readers wondering about arriving by train.

There are actually two major train stations in Prague. The largest one is technically the main station and is called Praha Hlavni nadrazi - often abbreviated as Praha hl. n.

In general, the trains from Budapest will state this station on tickets as the stop in Prague.

The second station is called Praha-Holesovice. Most trains from Budapest will stop here too, after Hlavni nadrazi.

This choice between stations is fairly common. So travelers can choose the station they want to use based on where they are going in Prague.

The key is to be clear about which one you are using. And, make sure you get off the train at the correct one for you.

We've had plenty of experience with frustrated travelers who didn't know this difference in stations, only to get off the train with "everyone else." This point is especially important if someone is meeting you at the station or if you have pre-booked a taxi.

That brings us to the best way to get to the Ibis Hotel Mala Strana. In our humble opinion, it's always easiest to arrange a transfer or taxi to pick you up as opposed to navigating public transportation for the first time in Prague.

You can book a transfer with us or find an AAA yellow taxi outside the station.

Our transfer drivers speak English and would meet you on the platform so it takes a lot of hassle out of any arrival. He also waits regardless of delays. The rate is 15 eur for 1 to 4 persons, not per person.

Otherwise, you can use Prague's metro system without too much trouble. It just takes a bit of patience to drag your luggage and get tickets at the station.

If you choose this option, we suggest taking the 9 tram from Hlavni nadrazi to the stop Andel. This is a direct route and takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

Basically, you exit the station into a park where you would turn right and all the way through the park.

At the end of the park you'll find a tram stop. Take any 9 tram going toward your left.

At Andel, exit the tram and walk along the street in the same direction the tram was going. Continue walking about 100 meters and you will find the hotel on your right.

If you prefer to use the metro instead the tram, you can hop on the C line at Hlavni nadrazi and take it to Florenc. Here, you can switch to the B line which will take you directly to Andel.


Side note: Your particular hotel has a misleading name, so don't get confused if the area around the hotel doesn't match your idea of Mala Strana.

The hotel is called Ibis Praha Mala Strana, but it's actually in the area more often referred to as Smichov. This is a common misleading marketing strategy that a variety of hotels unfortunately use.

Of course Mala Strana is nearby, but this area is certainly different from what many people might expect from a hotel with a name like this.


Well, we hope this information helps you. Please feel free to follow up with other questions or anything else.

All the best,

Dean and Martina

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