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by Marie


Hello, I'm a single female traveling Prague for the first time and alone. My hotel is situated on Wenceslas Square.

I heard it's not a safe place at night. I was trying to change it from the travel agent but I will have to pay a lot of surcharge to change it to another because it's already prepaid.

What advice can you give me? Thank you very much.


Our Answer:

Hello Marie,

Thanks for your question. We are glad to add a few thoughts for you to consider for your trip.

Of course, these are just our two cents. Honestly, safety is sometimes more a matter of perspective and personal experience - what is "safe" for us may feel "unsafe" for someone else - but here are a few ideas.

Personally, we would never generalize or label Wenceslas Square as unsafe.

This kind of description makes it sound scary, as if there are constant muggings and rampant crime everyday. This simply isn't the case.

Although it's not our favorite area of Prague by any means, we wouldn't consider changing our reservation, if we were you.

After all, if it were so unsafe, then how could it remain the commercial hub of Prague? Or, why would there be so many hotels in this area?

And, many of these hotels are nice upscale places, not some random collection of hostels with young people looking for nightlife in Prague.

Anyway, yes, the square can certainly be a center of motion any time of the day or night.

And, yes, it can have a few unsavory characters, a prostitute or a group of drunk tourists here and there on their way to a nearby strip club but these probably won't bother you too much unless you really plan to walk up and down the square very late at night (after midnight).

This is just our brief reaction to your question. we hope it helps a bit.

We think traveling to Prague alone is a wonderful idea. It should certainly be fun and exciting, regardless of where you stay.

Let us know how your trip goes. We'd love to hear your impression of the square, your hotel or anything else. Just comment below!

All the best from Prague!


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