Where is Prague?

Facts and Flight Times for Prague, Czech Republic

Where is Prague? Good question!

Prague is the capital of Czech Republic. And, Czech Republic is in Central Europe.

As you research, you will likely hear that Prague is in the "heart of Europe." This marketing term also has some practical truth to it.

Prague is actually quite central compared to other European capitals. So, it's not such a bad way to describe where we are.

We like to think of Prague as being in, Central Europe. Aside from its location, Prague and Czech Republic has become more of a hub of culture and travel since the revolution of '89.

Since the country's inclusion in the European Union, the term of Eastern Europe seems a bit outdated for Czech Republic.

Actually, Prague is further west than Vienna. So, who's eastern now?!

Driving Distances and Flight Times to Prague

Here are a few distances between Prague and other major cities to give you a better idea of their relation to the city.

And what about some flight times to determine how long your flight to Prague will be?

Or, how long will it take to drive to Prague from Budapest or Berlin?

These distances, flight durations and other times will give you a better idea of what to expect when traveling to Prague.

Distances are based on driving and derived from Google Maps.

Please note, all travel times are just approximates which will depend on your route, time of day, traffic, etc.

Amsterdam 882 km (548 miles) 9 hours
1.5 hours
14 hours
14 hours
Berlin 354 km (219 miles) 4 hours
25 minutes
4.5 hours
5.5 hours
Budapest 529 km (328 miles) 5 hours
1.5 hours
9 hours
8 hours
Frankfurt 512 km (318 miles) 5 hours
1 hour
6 hours
6 hours
London 1266 km (787 miles) 13 hours
2 hours
16-19 hours
19 hours
Vienna 335 km (208 miles) 4 hours
25 minutes
4.5 hours
3.25 hours
Paris 1030 km (640 miles) 10 hours
2 hours
16 hours
14 hours
New York
6570 km (4082 miles) n/a
8 hours n/a

Where is Prague in Czech Republic?

Prague is the capital and largest city of Czech Republic. It's located in Bohemia which is the western half of the country.

The Czech Republic is divided into 14 political regions and three geographical regions: Bohemia, Moravia and Czech Silesia.

Bordering Countries

Prague is a short distance to other countries. Germany is the Czech Republic's closest neighboring country. It's just to the west (and north) of Prague.

This map of the Czech Republic notes each neighboring country: Germany (DE), Poland (PL), Austria (AT) and Slovakia (SK).

Questions about Prague?

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