Aria Hotel Prague

5-Star Luxury with a Music Theme

Aria Hotel Prague RoomLuxury Musical Themed Rooms

The Aria Hotel Prague is absolutely unique. And I don't say this lightly. There's literally no comparison to the Aria - making it one of the best luxury hotels in Prague.

The Aria is unique because it positions itself as a music-themed hotel.

But don't worry, the Aria has blended this them tastefully throughout the hotel. There's just the right amount of music inspiration, from its lobby to its rooms and library.

The Aria Hotel Prague is consistently awarded Traveler's Choice awards by TripAdvisor. As recently as 2023 in fact.

And, it has garnered more buzz and accolades from other publications like and Conde Nast.

If that's not enough, consider the Aria Hotel's backdrop.

The beautiful Vrtbovska Gardens, which guests have direct access to, sits directly behind the hotel. This is one of the most romantic and hidden gems of Prague.

View from Aria HotelView of Vrtbovska Garden from the hotel

Let's dive into the details of Aria Hotel Prague

I want to warn you before we get any further.

The Aria has made it very difficult to want to leave. There are so many wonderful details and features that you may find excuses to stay inside, all day.

Ok, don't say I didn't warn you...

Aria hotel music roomMusic Library at Aria Hotel Prague
  • Beautiful architecture - the Aria commissioned top architects to bring the hotel a luxurious elegance to fit the charm of Lesser Town. Of note, look for the Italian mosaic of an original Gregorian chant that lines the entrance.
  • Rooms for ears and comfort - each room is named after a musician or composer, from Czech's very own Antonín Dvořak to the soothing Billie Holiday. You will find a biography of each artist in your room as well as a selection of books and a connection with music from 52 select artists.
  • Music Library - the music theme isn't contained to individual hotel rooms. Guests have access to a musical library with a broad selection of CD's, music DVDs and literature. And, there's a private screening room.

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Wait! There's Even More Luxury

  • Fireplace Lounge -  possibly the coolest spot at the Aria Hotel Prague is this room. It combines a nice selection of music books, comfy leather furniture and a fireplace.
  • Fitness Center - a growing number of Prague hotels offer a fitness option for their guests, but the fitness room at the Aria like a personal gym. It's equipped with all the equipment you need to keep your routine - AND - the room looks out onto Vrtbovska Gardens.
  • Fine dining - the hotel's Coda Restaurant offers a wonderful place for dinner or even lunch. Breakfast is included in each booking and is served here as well. We suggest reserving a table for dinner for the panoramic views of Prague.
  • Rooftop cocktail anyone? - the cherry on top, so to speak. The Aria's rooftop terrace offers stunning views and the perfect place for a cocktail or meal.
Vrtbovska gardenVrtbovska Garden with hotel in background

Fantastic Location!

Aria hotel music note on facade

There's so much to like about the Aria.

But, the location may be the best thing if you plan to explore and do any sightseeing.

The Aria is in the lovely area of Prague called Malá Strana (Lesser Town). Aside from the beauty of the Aria, it's the hotel's location that may win your heart. 

Quieter and less crowded than Old Town, you will feel removed from the crush of tourists. You won't have to compete for sidewalk space or be confronted by the occasional drunk stag party.

For example, within a few steps of the hotel you can gaze up at a variety of beautiful embassies, stroll Vrtbovska Gardens or find yourself wandering under Charles Bridge onto the flowing greenery of Kampa Island.

Malá Strana offers days of exploration on its own. I recommend an evening stroll through its little streets and the nearby Kampa Island.

For a real treat, visit the bell tower of St. Nicholas' Church - just around the corner from the  Aria Hotel Prague. It offers splendid views of the entire Malá Strana area. And don't miss the old spy's nest while you're up there.

Okay, I'm getting carried away because Malá Strana is my favorite area of Prague. When I'm looking to get away for a coffee or city walk, I .head to this area for its greenery, sights and so much more.

Of course, there are great connections to the rest of the city from here. And the #22 tram stops just a minute's walk from the Aria.

Take this tram up to the castle or across the river to the National Theatre and other important destinations.

Or, just sit for awhile as it crosses the city. It's the cheapest sightseeing tour in the city. 

For more hotels in this area, check out Malá Strana hotels.

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