What is the Best Hotel Location in Prague?

Old Town is the easy answer. But there's more to the story...

Old town prague pastel buildingsOld Town, Prague

Yes, Old Town offers the best hotel location in Prague. It's the widely accepted and popular choice and includes a variety of accommodation.

Is it right for you?

Let's take a look at 7 different neighborhoods with pros and cons for each one. 

To truly soak in the city's splendor, choosing the right accommodation - based on your values - is a must.

So, if you're wondering about the different options on where to stay in Prague, we've got you covered.

7 Neighborhoods - Which one has the best hotel location in Prague - for you?

Every corner of Prague brims with character and has something to offer. The key is balancing your needs with the right neighborhood.

Let's look at a few areas to determine the best hotel location in Prague. Click to jump to each one for an in depth description that includes pros and cons for each.

Jump to each area of Prague...

  1. Malá Strana (Lesser Town)
  2. Old Town
  3. Josefov
  4. New Town
  5. Vinohrady
  6. Karlin
  7. Zizkov
Hotel Clementine in Old Town Prague vertical

Malá Strana (Lesser Town) - So much to like here!

Let’s start with my favorite area to stay in Prague: Malá Strana. Nestled just below majestic Prague Castle, it's filled with cobbled lanes, charming old buildings and hidden hotels.

Mala Strana just has its own little vibe to it. Less touristy than Old Town, and I would say romantic. You can feel 'away from it all' but in reality, be just a short walk from everything.

Some of the more popular hotels in Malá Strana include Aria Hotel, Alchymist Grand Hotel, and the luxurious Mandarin Oriental. Each offers unique aesthetics steeped in history, convenience to the main attractions, and a chance to truly immerse yourself in the culture of Prague.

Mala stran in snow with StrahovMy favorite area to stay in Prague, Malá Strana

But, you don't need to go with the popular or high-end hotels. Malá Strana has some absolutely unique residences and small hotels. These are the gems of staying in Prague - the places that aim to deepen your experience of Prague's history.

Of course, Malá Strana is filled with its own attractions. Charles Bridge will lead you into Old Town. Petrin hill and its funicular will wow you with its greenery and views.

Oh, then there's the Lennon Wall, Kampa Island, Vrtbovksá and Wallenstein gardens, beautiful Baroque churches, and more and more. You'll have plenty to do to keep you entertained.

And, don't forget. Malá Strana has some excellent restaurants and watering holes. Restaurant U Modré kachničky, serving delicious Czech food, or Coda Restaurant offering a blend of Czech and international cuisine along with its stunning view are just two options.

In my book, this may be the actual best hotel location in Prague. Booking your stay here means you'd be residing in one of the best-preserved medieval areas and there's so much to see. Trust me, you can't go wrong with Malá Strana.


  •  Quaint, charming neighborhood with cobblestone streets.
  •  Close to Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and many gardens.
  •  A unique variety of accommodation choices


  • May be hilly and involve some uphill walking.
  • Fewer nightlife options compared to Old Town.

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Old Town (Staré Město) - the obvious choice

Next up, Old Town (Staré Město). It's the heart of Prague in many ways - geographically, culturally, and historically. So Old Town is the obvious choice for best hotel location in Prague.

At its very center, Old Town Square is the main attraction. It's surrounded by stunning sights and home to Prague's famous astronomical clock.

From Old Town, all main attractions are within walking distance. Outside your hotel you'll find some of the best-preserved architecture that Prague has. From the spires of Old Town Hall to the breathtaking Baroque St. Nicholas Church - both on the main square.

Old Town silo from Charles Bridge at sunriseOld Town, Prague - spires everywhere

But it's not just the main sights. The streets themselves are like walking through an outdoor gallery. And, of course, Old Town is filled with excellent Czech cuisine, cafes, bars, museums and much more.

As for accommodation, there are many options. From luxury 5-star hotels to cheaper bed and breakfasts (or pensions). Personally, I love the location and luxury of Four Seasons Hotel Prague, which mixes Baroque, classical, and modern architecture to provide a unique experience.

Or, the boutique Ventana Hotel and Buddha-Bar Hotel are great choices. Both are just steps from Old Town Square.

There are a number of cozy independent hotels in Old Town as well. The charming Hotel Clementine or Pension U Lilie are nice options as well.


  • Historic charm with picturesque streets and squares.
  • Proximity to major attractions like Old Town Square, the astronomical clock, and Charles Bridge.
  • Abundance of hotels, restaurants, cafes, and shops.


  • Can be crowded, especially during peak tourist seasons.
  • Accommodations might be pricier due to the central location.

Josefov (Jewish Quarter) - Unique and close to everything

It’s easy to miss Josefov. Sitting next to Old Town, they are often lumped together. But this small area on the north side of Old Town is equally rich in history and charm.

There are several well-preserved synagogues, a fascinating cemetery, and other significant Jewish monuments.

But the history of this area is not the only reason to consider it. Josefov also boasts charming streets, shops, and cafes, making it a fascinating and picturesque part of Prague. Paris street (Parizska) in particular offers high-end luxury shops and leads down to the highly rated Fairmont Golden Hotel. 

Walk the small streets further east and the neighborhood continues to surprise. I love to walk through here and meander down to the Vltava River. This side of the river is less crowded and the path along the embankment is gorgeous. The view of Prague Castle is stunning from here.


  • Rich history and cultural heritage.
  • Close to Old Town attractions.
  • Serene and less crowded in the evenings.


  • Limited green spaces.
  • Can be relatively expensive.

New Town (Nové Město) - Don't let the name fool you

Let's take a turn south from Old Town and head towards New Town, or Nové Město. But, don't let the name fool you. Even though it's "New," it was established in 1348 by Charles IV, Czech King and Holy Roman Emperor.

There's plenty of reason to stay in New Town. It's just a short walk from Old Town and this area includes Prague's central commerical zone highlighted by Wenceslas Square.

The National Museum and State Opera offer a nice mix of history, culture, and entertainment right at your doorstep.

There's both the energy of a moder city here and old charm. And plenty of quality restaurants V Zátiší to Café Louvre. Yes, plenty of culinary delights to impress - but a deep selection of bars and drinking holes too.

Best of all, there are plenty of top hotels in New Town. Just to highlight a few...   the newly-opened Julius Prague, the designer Mosaic House, or the elegant Art Nouveau Palace Hotel.

Each of these hotel provide a luxurious stay within walking distance of shopping, nightlife, and tourist attractions.

If you're looking for a little city bustle and some style, I think New Town will be your best hotel location in Prague.


  • Modern amenities and shopping districts.
  • Convenient access to public transport.
  • Variety of restaurants and entertainment options.


  • Less historic charm compared to Old Town.
  • Can be busy and crowded, especially around Wenceslas Square.

Vinohrady - You might want to live here

Now, let's get to something different. A short tram or metro ride takes us to the  vibrant district of Vinohrady.

Known for its beautiful parks and cosmopolitan vibe, it's the perfect combination of city and residential tranquility. Vinohrady is so many things at once - a place of greenery, family life, and wonderful food scene.

If you ever decide to move to Prague, I guarantee this would be an area to live in comfort.

Of course, there are lovely hotel options like Le Palais Art Hotel and the Mamaison Residence. Both combine sophistication and comfort, and an ideal base for exploring the city.

Choosing Vinohrady also means being close proximity to the TV Tower, the Peace Square, and several parks for stunning views and serene walks.

In the end, you'll be smack dab in the middle of one of Prague's most beloved residential locals, packed with amenities and unparalleled charm — sounds like a wonderful place to stay in Prague, doesn't it?


  • Trendy and residential with a local feel.
  • Excellent dining options and cafes.
  • Well-connected by public transport.


  • Fewer major tourist attractions within the neighborhood.
  • Limited historic charm compared to the Old Town.

Karlin - Quality hotels and Up-and-coming scene

Eska restuarnt Karlin from outside entranceThe exciting Eska Restaurant in Karlin

Now for something completely different.

If you're looking for an area that is 'local' or a cheaper hotel in Prague, Karlin is a great choice. Located in Prague 8, it's just outside of New Town. So getting in and out of the main tourist areas is very easy.

And Karlin has a vibe of its own. It has evolved from an industrial zone into more of a hip locale. It has a little art scene, converted structures with new businesses and some lovely cafes and restaurants. Check out Eska and Nejen Bistro as they push culinary boundaries, making Karlin a food lover's paradise.

Karlin has very good public transportation options too. The B metro line runs through here and a variety of trams. You can also access a number of green areas and walk along the Vltava River into less explored parts of Prague.

Of course, local venues like The Forum Karlin and Karlin Barracks, make Karlin a fun and vibrant place to stay in Prague.

As for hotels, excellent choices include both the Hilton Prague and Jury's Inn. These are two of the popular hotel choices in Karlin. Both have top-notch services, comfortable rooms, and close proximity to the city center.

But why not consider something as unique as the area itself?

Botanique Hotel Prague is a good answer. Or, try the Viaduct Suites which takes its name from the unique, renovated structure running through Karlin.

Basically, selecting Karlin as your destination means discovering one of Prague's dynamic neighborhoods and experiencing local life beyond the typical tourist spots.


  • Outside the tourist zone with off-the-beaten paths to explore.
  • Cheaper hotels.
  • Great public transport options


  • No key tourist attractions
  • Less English-speaking businesses
  • Fewer luxury hotels

Žižkov - Cheaper Hotels and a Local Vibe

Zizkov view from Vitkov with TV tower in backgroundŽižkov with its curious TV tower

Most hotel information on the internet focuses on Prague's popular areas to stay. But there are other districts that offer quality accommodation, without giving up too much in location or service.

And, the prices can be much cheaper outside the historical center. An area that is budget-friendly like Žižkov can swing the discussion about the best hotel location in Prague rather quickly.

So, other than the funky sounding name, what's this Žižkov all about?

Well, Žižkov (shish-cough but with 'z' instead of 's') has long been a working-class residential area. Once known as the district with the .most Prague pubs, it's an edgy and authentic neighborhood.

It's most iconic landmark is the Žižkov Tower, but includes a number of shopping options, good restaurants, and a robust nightlife.

Thankfully, the metro and tram connections put you just a few minutes from Old Town.

There are plenty of hotel options too. I would look here especially if you are having trouble finding a room in the locations listed above. Žižkov is not on everyone's radar, so you can scoop up a good room during on popular dates or at the last minute.

You might consider Žižkov hotels like: Golden City Hotel Garni, Hotel Carlton, or Hotel Prokop Square. Each are in the heart of this vibrant district.


  • Live like a local
  • Budget-friendly hotels and apartment rentals
  • Good public transport connections


  • Fewer tourist attractions
  • Less green spaces
  • Further from Prague Castle and Malá Strana

Recap of the best areas to stay

Recapping the above, each of these districts has its own charm — Malá Strana with its beauty and history, Old Town with its medieval, central allure, and the culturally signifcant Josefov. 

We also covered New Town balancing the old with the new, Vinohrady for the cosmopolitan vibe, and Karlin with its artsy feel. Oh, and don't forget Žižkov for its budget-conscious appeal.

You can easily consider each area to be the best hotel location in Prague. Each offers unique experiences. It's mainly up to your preferences.

Regardless of your choice, the hospitality, culture, and the spirit of the city will find you.

So, pack your bags, choose your favorite neighborhood and book your hotel. In the end, you can't go wrong because the city of Prague is absolutely enchanting. It will take you on a journey you'll never forget.

Will you wake up to the majestic view of Prague Castle in Malá Strana? Or will you choose to be in the center of it all in the Old Town or New Town?

Maybe you'll prefer the charm of tree-lined streets of Vinohrady? Or perhaps you're the kind who loves to explore Prague's lesser known areas like Karlin or Žižkov?

All that's left is for you to book your hotel in one of the best locations in Prague! Pack your bags and get ready for a sensational journey full of awe-inspiring moments and unforgettable memories.