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We will be in Prague the first week in March. We realize the weather is cold and unpredictable, therefore, will most tourist sites be open, such as parks, river cruises, etc. for touring during that time?

Would you suggest we make reservations for some attractions ahead of time?

Our Answer:

Thank you for visiting and sharing your question with us. I think many people will benefit from your thoughts because there are two important parts here to think about… tourism (attractions) and reservations.

First, you're right about the weather especially in March. It will be unpredictable and most likely cold. At times though, March can have a bit of spring feel to it. Actually, at home, when the calendar turns March 1st, we optimistically think "spring is here" even though it might be just as cold as February.

Anyway, Prague tourism is so robust that attractions and events are open and carry on daily regardless of the weather. The only closures that you will notice are for some of the specific parks and gardens in the city center. Places like Wallenstein Garden for instance are only open from April 1st through October 31st. All other attractions will be open as they are nearly every day of the year.

You will also find that tours and river cruises are running normally too. Boats on the Vltava have enclosed areas for sightseeing as well as outdoor spots. Even the little boats that run hourly tours are enclosed and heated.

Of course, some tours (Segway and bike) tours might be limited due to specific weather conditions.

Regarding reservations to attractions… you won't need advance tickets or reservations for specific attractions or tourist sites. In fact, you can't even purchase tickets in advance for some destinations. You might only consider contacting an attraction or museum in advance if you require special assistance or if there is a very specific event you would like to attend.

On the other hand, we recommend booking tours in advance if possible no matter the month you visit Prague. There is always the chance that a tour is full if you show up on the spot and booking in advance will make things a lot easier once you arrive.

We think planning ahead is always better no matter where you travel. And, you will probably have enough to think about after you arrive - i.e. getting oriented with map in hand.

Of course, booking concerts and performances at certain venues like the State Opera or National Theatre in advance is also highly recommended.

We hope this information helps you plan your trip. If you have any further questions, please contact us here.

All the best,


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