Trouble Walking and Prague

by Harry


How to see Prague if you have trouble walking?

Our answer:

Thanks for your question Harry. I think a lot of visitors share your concern. Prague is of course, well known as a walker's city, but the fact is, lots of people enjoy the city without walking for hours on end. So, I hope you don't feel intimidated by all the talk of "walk everywhere."

If you have the budget for a city tour by coach or bus, then that's the best recommended way to see the sights without much walking. Some tours are bus only while others combine a bus tour with a short walk. More city tours.

All tours will either provide a personal guide or headphones too, so you might get something more than walking on your own. Plus, the small buses in particular have great picture windows for views. These tours access pretty much the entire city taking in all the key sights.

If a tour can't access a attraction directly, like the castle, then you can get close enough where just a short walk can give you more access.

In general, the castle is probably the attraction that requires the most walking. But again, this depends on your preference and limitations. If you're not part of a tour, you might consider just taking the number 22 tram (street car) up to the castle to avoid the walk up the hill. From here it's a short walk inside to see the cathedral, which is the main attraction at the castle. You might even take in the view above the city from the wall near the main entrance to the castle. No steps are involved.

Other than the castle, Charles Bridge is the other main sight that cars don't have access to. But, again, you can use either public transportation or a tour to put you a few steps from the foot of the bridge and then a walk across is fairly short.

Prague has all kinds of other types of tours that might interest you too. A river cruise is a lovely way to see the city - no walking necessary for sure. Or, what about a segway tour? These are really safe and easy to maneuver. No experience is necessary and they will give you access to lots of places. You can even build your own tour to visit sights that you wouldn't get to otherwise.

These are just a few ideas. I'm not sure of your walking limitations, so I've been a bit general here. Feel free to follow up with more questions or information about your visit and I will be glad to answer again.

All the best,

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