Prague Photos Charles Bridge

These Prague photos Charles Bridge offer a look at Prague's famous path. It spans between sharp spires and includes centuries of history. Get on and off the bridge for the best photos of Prague's famous bridge.

Hopefully, our pictures will invite you explore the area around the bridge. Because, we think the bridge's allure is more than the statues you see while crossing. Charles Bridge is a thing of heavy stone beauty, a 14th century marvel.

And, what better way to photograph the bridge than from unique angles? Off the beaten path we say!

Getting the best photo:

Get up early if you want the bridge to yourself during daylight hours.

That's when actual locals use the bridge. Even if you get there between 7 and 8am, you will have much more freedom to shoot. Any later, the bridge is swarming with tourists.

The crowds are a bit less intense in the early evening hours and of course at night.

The bridge itself takes on a different look everyday depending on the weather. For us, the history here is almost palpable when the weather is worse somehow. Those gloomy days can be especially atmospheric - cloudy, moody, foggy or dark - it's all good.

That's when the inner history of the bridge and pictures come to our heads - images of knights crossing the bridge delivering messages to the castle from afar...

Not sure we ever capture that imagination with our photos of Charles Bridge, but you can't blame us for not trying!

Extra note... for lighting purposes, it's important to know that the bridge lies east/west.

More Prague Photos Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is lined with 30 statues - each one different with a story to tell.

And, the bridge is home to a few legends and places to touch and rub depending on what you've heard and read. The legends all seem to vary all over the place.

charles bridge
One of 30 statues on Charles Bridge

charles bridge
Looking toward Old Town

charles bridge
Bruncvik guarding Charles Bridge

charles bridge
From Old Town bridge tower

charles bridge
  From Old Town to Prague Castle

charles bridge
From Kampa Island

charles bridge
From Mala Strana Tower

charles bridge
Foggy Morning on Charles Bridge

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