Church of Saint Michael, Prague

The Church of Saint Michael is a unique scene in the middle of a wonderful Prague park. If you make the extra effort to find it, you're in for a treat.

Brevnov Abbey Garden

This completely wooden church was actually built in Ukraine in the second half of the 16th century. Eventually it was sold in 1793 to a neighboring village.  And then, finally it was given to the city of Prague in 1929 with support provided by the National Museum and Ministry of Education.

Surprisingly, each time it was transfered it was taken apart piece by piece, marked and then rebuilt in it's original form in the new place.

The church is composed of three sections with a tower attached to each. The main tower looms above an area inside reserved for women. This section was named Babinec, or a place where women gather, share and chat.

The church also has a low roof that runs around the border of the church as if hiding itself. And, with the natural surroundings this feeling is even more obvious. It really appears that no one is meant to find the church. Even though it's one the most unique places we've been to in Prague.

What makes it stranger is that there are no clear roads here, and just the occasional rubble from other buildings and walls in the park.

Where is it?

The Church of Saint Michael is at the top of the garden Kinský zahrada. This is a park in Prague's Smíchov district. That means, it's just south of Malá Strana.

It's not the easiest place to find - we admit. But, with a little effort you'll find it.

Our advice would be to visit the top of Petřín park first. You can either walk up to the top or take the funicular.

In Petřín you'll find a few other attractions that are worth your time including... Petřín tower, a house of mirrors, the curious Hunger Wall, a Štefánik Observatory.

At the top of the park you can follow the paths around the back side to find the church. (Petřín park turns into Kinský zahrada.)

Getting to Church of Saint Michael

As mentioned, you might prefer to visit the top of Petřín first and then walk into this part of the park to find the church. But if not, then the nearest tram stop is Švandovo divadlo (trams 9, 12, 15 and 20). The stop is just down the street from the park's entrance. The nearest metro station is Anděl.

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