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Your Prague events calendar for 2017 and beyond starts here. Well, sorta! This is going to be an ongoing experiement to see if I can help any of you out there.

Planning ahead is ideal and I want to help if I can! If you have any ideas or an event to add, please contact me.









Prague's Municipal House is a great place for a concert.

Many of the events on our calendars won't need reservations or an advanced ticket. For example, if you're interested in visiting a gallery or museum, just buy tickets at the office when you arrive.

Of course, for larger venues and popular performances, then booking tickets ahead is advised. So, for example, if you're want to see a concert at the O2 arena, then get tickets well in advance.

Advanced tickets are also recommended for higher-end theatres and opera houses. These would include the National Theatre, Prague Opera House, Rudolfinum and the Estates Theatre to name a few.

Note: galleries and museums are generally closed on Mondays. Check each venue for opening hours.

So, if you want to see Mozart's Don Giovanni at the Estates Theatre, then please book tickets in advance - especially if there are more than 2 in your group.

You can reserve tickets at a variety of spots in the city and on the web. BohemiaTicket and TicketPro are just two agencies that have a wide variety of options.

Tickets can often be delivered to your place of accommodation and sometimes you can print tickets and bring them with you.

Prague tip

If you're already in Prague or can't book tickets in advance, stop by the venue's box office first. This way you save money and avoid the fees charged by all the ticket agencies.

More Sightseeing and Events

One of our favorite things about Prague is that you don't always need an itinerary to find something fun to do and see. Often, you can just walk through the city and find something interesting.

I've seen a variety of free or cheap concerts in the summer at a variety of churches and open-air venues.

You might try either of the two St. Nicholas churches - the domed one in Malá Strana or the large Baroque one on Old Town Square. These often have classical music concerts with tickets purchased at the door.

The Jewish Museum also has ongoing programs of music. The Spanish Synagogue in particular is a great place to hear music and it's absolutely beautiful inside.

Another option to break up the routine of Prague sightseeing is to stop by for an afternoon concert at the Lobkowicz Palace. Many people consider this building to be one of the most remarkable in Prague - so an afternoon concert is a delight. Tickets can be bought at the door.

Share your Prague events calendar

I'm looking to include more and more things to do and see in Prague. Please feel free to contact me with details about your event.

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