Guide to Prague Vacations

Most Prague vacations vary in length, but the essential basics remain the same. Aside from the sights, you have to get here and find the right hotel or rental.

So, let's not complicate things. This page provides some basic info, suggestions for vacation packages, hotels and how to save money.

So, set aside Prague Castle for now, and let's get to the planning.

If you still have questions after browsing here, please contact us.

Vacation Packages and Hotels

Have you researched a flight and hotel package?

Booking a vacation package is one of the most beneficial ways to visit Prague. You get a cheap flight and hotel deal in one.

And most vacation packages are set up with first class, recommended hotels - right in central Prague.

You might consider a couple of things before booking a package deal...

  • Book early - vacation deals can be had, but the earlier the better especially for key dates like New Years, Christmas and Easter.

  • Search, but don't wait - if you find something you like, go with your gut instead of waiting for the price to go up.

  • Airlines and hotels - check with airlines directly for package deals with local Prague.

Save Money on Prague Vacations

Aside from flying to Europe, traveling doesn't always have to be expensive. Actually a family vacation to Prague can be cheaper than visiting most other capital cities in central and western Europe.

Not only is sightseeing cheaper here, but smaller purchases, gifts and food are much cheaper than cities like Paris or London for sure. But, really, the key is to plan everything.

Here are a few ways to keep your Prague vacations cheap and affordable...

  • Apartment Rentals - Prague has a wonderful selection of vacation rentals and apartments by owner that will save you a significant amount of money. Go ahead and compare an apartment to rent with the cost of a hotel for a family of four and the savings add up quickly. Plus you have the luxury of your own kitchen.

  • Plan to Eat Cheap and Local - Of course eating in your apartment rental will save money, but it's not always convenient when you're out and about. So, carefully choose your restaurant. Obvious right? But, the key is to find a restaurant before you travel to Prague. Cheap restaurants aren't always easy to in the shuffle of Old Town, so make a list of restaurants - according to sights. For example, find a cheap restaurant in Mala Strana, Old Town and near Wenceslas Square so you're prepared when hunger strikes mid-sightseeing these sights.

  • Areas to Stay - It's easy to save money with accommodation outside the main tourist-oriented areas of Prague. Hotels are definitely cheaper, but so are restaurants, shopping, basic needs and food. So, plan to do your shopping and meals (breakfast and dinner) near your hotel or apartment that's NOT in Old Town. For example, areas like Dejvice and Smichov are much cheaper.

  • Cheap Things to Do - Prague isn't always cheap, but here are 5 THINGS... 1. Climb one of Prague's towers for a beautiful memory. 2. Rent a paddle boat for the family and cruise the Vltava for an hour. 3. Visit a garden or park, Wallenstein Garden and Petrin are free. 4. Museums generally offer one free day a month or reduced entrance fees for particular hours. 5. Grab a free tour from Old Town Square and just tip the guide at the end.

Basic Info About Prague

Ok, sometimes we all need some basic information. This especially goes for planning Prague vacations of any length. We want you to be prepared, not negatively surprised after you arrive.

  • 3 - 4 Days. Please give our city a few days. You'll kick yourself if you plan for anything less than 3 days. Honestly.
  • No Euros! We don't use euros. Czech currency is all about Czech koruna (crowns).
  • Walk, walk, walk. Prague is tightly bound, so plan to walk or use the metro system. You will not need a car here.
  • We use 220V electricity. If you're coming from the US you'll need an electric adapter (and maybe a transformer). More info here.
  • Where is Prague? It's in Czech Republic, not Czechoslovakia ;-)
  • Central European Time. We are 6 hours ahead of New York and share the same time as Paris, Berlin, Rome and Vienna.

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