Prague Weather in September
What to Expect and Pack

Prague weather in September always seems a little dreamy to me. Summer temps have cooled and there is a relaxing, lightness in the air.

Old Town in early September

In fact, as soon as the calendar flips to September there seems to be a different feeling in the city. The angle of light has changed, and the air is less humid.

It's all very comfortable.

September is one of those months that never gets hot or cold. It's just a mild, very relaxing month.

Of course, we sometimes have warm Indian summer days. But it's not a month when our kids will beg to go swimming! Rather, we might go mushroom picking instead ;-)

What Temps to Expect

There is one catch with September weather... sometimes it's difficult to predict temperatures. They can range widely and change significantly from day to day.

For example, I'm writing this on September 10th and this is our current weather forecast...

Date Forecast High Low
10 Sept Partly sunny 24 C / 75 F 14 C / 57 F
11 Sept rain 17 C / 63 F 13 C / 55 F
12 Sept Mostly sunny 21 C / 70 F 12 C / 54 F
13 Sept Partly sunny 19 C / 66 F 10 C / 50 F
14 Sept Partly sunny 20 C / 68 F 12 C / 54 F

You can see how it varies day to day. This is a pretty typical pattern. If anything, it might be a little cooler than usual. But there's nothing here that is surprising.

September is not a particularly rainy month either. But we can certainly have a few days of showers.

It's similar to spring, when the weather can shift from sunny to rainy day-to-day.

What to Pack and Wear

Typically, Prague weather in September is a challenge to pack for. Because we have cool mornings and evenings that can change during the day when it's warmer. 

  • pack light layers that you can easily take on and off
  • a light jacket, zip-up sweatshirt or sweater will come in handy
  • pack light pants or jeans, or maybe long shorts
  • light comfortable shoes for walking - heavy shoes will be too hot and flip-flops too light
  • a small light-weight umbrella will be good to have

A common scene that I see in September...

That jacket or sweater from the morning becomes tied at the waist by afternoon. Then put on again in the evening.

Please note... the closer we get to October, the cooler it can be. The weather gets progressively cooler as fall arrives. Leaves are changing, chestnuts are falling and temps are dropping.

Events and Prague Weather in September

Summer may be officially over, but the weather is usually good enough for outdoor events in September. And weekends are especially popular for food festivals, wine tastings and other events in the city.

A number of concerts can still be enjoyed and the farmers markets are still bustling with local goods.

The markets are open rain or shine every weekend. I especially like the market at Náplavka on the riverfront. It has become a local hangout from morning till night with food, drink and the occasional band.

In September the popular drink of choice is burčák. Made from partially fermented grapes, this wine/juice is well worth trying for a local taste of something different.

New World Street, away from it all

Will it be crowded?

September is another popular month to visit - especially the weekends. Visitors from neighboring countries fill the city on Friday and leave on Sunday.

So, Saturdays can be packed with tourists.

But there are always places to get away from the crowds.

And the weather is usually good enough to explore, so go ahead and plan for walking tours, biking and sitting outdoors.

Restaurant gardens will be open and the city's parks and gardens are open through October.

Weather Forecast for Prague

I'm not a weatherman! So, please don't hold me to any specific forecast.

I generally use which has lots of weather-related details and their Prague forecast is very good.